About Nod & Rose

 Nod & Rose comes from our names C. Nod Norkus and Elizabeth G. Rose.  We first breathed the moniker Nod & Rose when we were dating and Nod doodled the name on an old ripped and paint covered pallet sheet that we still have framed in our house today.  We thought it had a nice ring to it, so much so, that we used it for our Asheville based "bohemian" wedding (nodandrose.com was originally our wedding's website).  

We've always shared a common taste in clothes, music, architecture and children's names, but after countless laughs and a few tears the idea of owning and operating a lifestyle fashion boutique was born...our first baby. We visited like minded towns: Athens, GA, Nashville, TN, Austin, TX, and of course L.A and NYC searching for the perfect place to build our life together, but once we visited Boulder, CO we knew there was no better place to call home. 

We left Charlotte on our first anniversary and opened Nod & Rose a month later, bringing with us a little southern hospitality and a style that's influenced by both our icons and travels but hails mostly from California and Australia.  A lot's changed since then but it's still hard to believe it's been five years.  We moved the shop to the West End of Pearl Street in the fall of 2016, on the heels of having our second child and at this point comfortably call ourselves "locals". 

Not that life doesn't provide it's share of challenges but we still have to pinch ourselves sometimes to make sure we aren't living in a dream.  Boulder has given us an amazing lifestyle of raising two awesome kids, hanging with great friends, seeing and/or playing live music as often as possible and reaping all the sweet benefits of this small yet cosmopolitan mountain town. What started as a catchy name has turned into so much more over the years, but Nod & Rose has always been about community and inspiration, both near and far, and we look forward to sharing in the journey with you and continuing the story.

Our Style Philosophy

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Coordination is a thing of the past. High and lows, chic and cheap; the more variables the better. Take risks, be confident, and learn to love the way you dress.
Continue to evolve, stay relevant and communicate your ideal self from the inside out. I love a classic but rugged look with a modern, body specific fit.

Visit us at 901 West Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado