What are the top sex toys for couples, and why should you use them? We’ll dive into the best ones you can try with your partner. We’ll also explain the benefits of sex toys and give you some ideas on how you can use them with your partner for highly intense orgasms!

Why Couples Should Use Sex Toys

Millions of sexually active couples use toys in the bedroom. There are many reasons for that. Firstly, sex toys can allow you to fulfill various fantasies. You can find a nearly endless variety of all sorts of toys. Plus, you can use them for all kinds of sexual experiments. Adult couples can try various top sex toys like vibrators, dildos, cuffs, sex swings, and similar. You can use them to expand your limits and try new things.

Moreover, in many cases, toys can revitalize a couple’s sex life. They can increase intimacy and tighten a couple’s bond. And that’s not all — toys can also allow both partners to get familiar with each others’ sexual needs.

For example, women who are struggling to reach orgasm with their partner can use a toy during sex to facilitate it. Additionally, various toys like cock rings can be used to block the blood flow and prolong sex. These types, for instance, can lead to stronger and better erections as well as more powerful orgasms.

What’s more, sex toys can allow both partners to experience waves of pleasure that just aren’t physically possible through other means. Plus, they are highly kinky, and they can make sex much more fun and exciting!

Cuffs and Swings

Handcuffs are some of the most common sex toys. They can allow couples to experiment with light bondage and even rough sex. For those who are into this type of intercourse, cuffs are affordable and easy to maintain. Yet, they offer a lot in return. It’s possible to use them in tons of exciting sex positions.

They can also allow you to experiment with submissive and dominant roles. If you want to get started with sex toys, definitely consider a pair of cuffs.

Sex swings are also a popular choice among couples. Most will offer a unique sensation by allowing you to have sex in mid-air. You can use sex swings in various positions and for various activities, including anal or oral sex.


This is another one of the most common toys that couples should look into first. Vibrators are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

You could pick a full-size toy that resembles a penis, but it’s also possible to use bullet vibrators or magic wands that only stimulate a certain area. These types are most commonly used for clitoral stimulation.

Most vibrators can produce a special type of pressure and pulsation on the female genital area. That’s why they are perfect for any woman who is struggling with orgasm. Plus, they can create some unique feelings during penile stimulation. Some of the most popular toys for men, on the other hand, are vibrating cock rings.

Anal Plugs

If you wish to try new things, anal play should certainly be at the top of your list. It’s something that both couples can enjoy, especially with a quality butt plug. Anal plugs are simply fantastic for any type of light backdoor stimulation. They are also ideal for anal training. If you are struggling with anal sex, this is a perfect choice. It will allow you to get accustomed to the sensation of butt penetration. In turn, this will make anal sex fun and exciting while eliminating pain.

Butt plugs are also ideal for couples who are looking to experiment with double penetration. They can give you the chance to simulate a threesome or even practice for a real one.

Wireless Sex Toys

If you’re considering something that’s incredibly kinky, it’s worth it to look into wireless toys. You can find all sorts of vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and similar toys that come with a wireless remote. This type can be incredibly hot for individuals who prefer to give themselves over to their partner.

Wireless toys are recommended for couples who like to masturbate together or watch each other. With a remote, one partner could control the toy while the other sits back. This is great for any type of sexual activity, and it is extremely effective for any sort of BDSM play. Remote-controlled vibrators are a good choice. If you are a fan of public sex, a toy like a wearable vibrator can allow you to make your partner cum hands-free in public places!

Metal Clamps

Speaking of BDSM, if you are a fan of light or hardcore bondage, you should probably invest in some clamps. The most common ones are nipple clamps. They can apply pressure and a stinging sensation to the nipples. Many also have a chain for tugging. Others can be attached to the neck with a collar. While you should use them with care, clamps can be great for teasing, foreplay, and they can provide additional stimulation during sex. They are an effective option for any type of roleplay scenario too.

Cock Cages

And if you’re truly looking for something unique, you could try a cock cage. In relationships, cock cages can signify many things. Essentially, you can use a chastity cage to lock up your penis and give your partner the key. This means that your partner will control your orgasms or any type of sexual release. Cock cages are highly popular in BDSM. However, thousands of couples also use them to deepen their bond. Men who have an uncontrollable sexual appetite could benefit from a cage. Additionally, it could allow them to control their urges. However, in BDSM play, cages can be used during all sorts of kinky activities, including bondage, torture, orgasm denial, prostate play, humiliation, etc.

Inflatable Dildos

This type of dildo is incredibly unique because it creates a sensation that is different compared to regular dildos or vibrators. Namely, inflatable dildos are stretchy and can swell in size. They should always be inflated after insertion. This can result in a unique pressure in the vaginal and anal areas. Since this type of toy expands after insertion, it can be incredibly useful for any kind of internal stretching. For instance, it could help some people who experience pain during penetrative sex with a penis or a big toy.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are many other sex toys that you can buy based on your preferences and sexual desires. However, the types that we’ve recommended today will be ideal for most couples, but you can always check other variants that are perfect for both of you. So order some sex toys for your next date night and have fun!

Top Sex Toys That Are Perfect for Couples